How to find Flinders Island stay in South Australia

Discover our Island!

Fly from Adelaide South Australia, to Port Lincoln

Plane charter from Port Lincoln to Flinders Island

  • Lincoln Air Charters – 08 8684 3788 or 0427842093
  • Fly in yourself as the Island has an airstrip at the back door of the homestead bay.

Boat trip

Drive to Elliston – Boat charter from Elliston

  • Kristy – 0437424051
  • Jonnie – 0427879280

From early 2022 the Woolford’s will have vessel transport from Elliston

via a 12 meter fast landing craft surveyed to carry 12 passengers

Flinders Island SA

  • Safe mooring available if bringing your own boat.

*Travel costs are not included in Flinders Island Package.